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Are you wondering where to start in order to prepare for the new semester? There's so many things to be done, I don't blame you. Starting off organized is important because it sets you up for success.


Are you wondering where to start in order to prepare for the new semester? There’s so many things to be done, I don’t blame you. Starting off organized is important because it sets you up for success. If your things aren’t in order, it’s much, much more difficult to actually get things done. So I’m helping you out here, making a list of things you need to to now (or ASAP) in order to have a smooth beginning to the semester. There’s also a free checklist printable you can grab at the end!New Semester Pin

Put away all of your things from the last semesterย 

Don’t throw them out!! These are things that could be useful for future classes, essays, projects, etc. They even could come in handy in a future internship or job. So figure out a system for filing themย (keep only the important ones, of course) and make sure you can always find them if you are in need of this information.

Tidy up your workspace

Make sure that your desk is clean and in order. Reorganize your drawers and bookshelves if needed. A messy workplace does not motivate you to do work and we want to get rid of that! So get a fresh set up, change things up if you need to and get rid of anything you don’t use. You’ll feel much better about sitting down to do stuff. (P.S. Don’t forget the digital stuff: clean out your computer desktop and prepare new folders if needed.)

Set up all your tools for your future classes

This includes your planner, bullet journal, OneNote, Evernote, calendar and any other tools you use to plan your studying. Having entered & color coded your classes in advance, it’ll be one less thing to do once you have to start studying for real.

Read the syllabus

Read it 1-2 times andย take note of the important aspects: textbooks, course breakdown week by week, exams, assignments, etc. Then transfer this information to all the accurate places: calendar/planner/OneNote. I promise you’ll thank me later.

Stock up!

Make a list and go shopping for school supplies you’re missing (yay!!). Also, if you get your list of textbooks and printouts in advance -like me- I suggest checking what you need to buy used/new and purchasing them before the semester starts. This will prevent you from waiting 1-2 hours in line to get your textbooks. Time saved!

Organize your material ย 

Prepare all your binders, notebooks, color codes, planners, etc. Have everything set up the way you like it. When you begin the semester, you’re just going to be able to dive right in without having to worry about organizing or whatnot.


Is there something in your system that was flawed during your last semester? What can you do better? Are there things you need to change? During the first semester I was using loose leaf to rewrite my notes and then I would put them together in a tiny binder. I decided to change to notebooks because I want to make my notes look really clean and organized so they’re easier to study.

Get inspired

I can just sit for hours looking at studyblrs, studygrams, pinterest and blogs and just be in awe of people’s notes and supplies. It is really so motivating I wish I had some notes to take right that moment. So get in the mood of the new semester and enjoy it!


Last but not least, take time for yourself. I’m am SO excited about going back but I know in 2-3 weeks I will be overwhelmed with work and will want to binge-watch Netflix all day. Appreciate that you have some time off now. Take a break. Have enough sleep. Eat well. Because the crazy ride is starting soon and we’ve gotta keep up!

Download this free checklist printable and start preparing right now!

How do you feel about going back to college for another semester? Excited? Sad? Anxious? What special things do you do to prepare for the new semester?

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  1. Brittany says:

    Thanks for the free checklist!! I really needed this ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jacqueline says: student just like me.just completed my first year but now i feel like i got the hang of things.i too am excited for school

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