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Do you feel lost in the morning? Don’t know what to wrap your head around? When that happens to me, I just feel like giving up on the day and going straight back to bed. NO MORE! We’re here to create your perfect routine and help you never feel overwhelmed as soon as you wake up in the morning. Let’s get to it! Make a list & set it in order What do you want to get DONE every morning? What are your goals? What will start your day right? These are

Do you live a crazy life? Are you so busy you feel like your days are flying by really, really fast? It’s important to find time for yourself even in the midst of life and all your responsibilities. I bet you’re reading this post really fast ’cause you have to be somewhere in 10 minutes or you have something to do that you’ve been putting off. Instead, have a nice cup of coffee, cozy up in a warm blanket on the couch and take a moment for yourself. Relax. Being in

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