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  Are you wondering where to start in order to prepare for the new semester? There’s so many things to be done, I don’t blame you. Starting off organized is important because it sets you up for success. If your things aren’t in order, it’s much, much more difficult to actually get things done. So I’m helping you out here, making a list of things you need to to now (or ASAP) in order to have a smooth beginning to the semester. There’s also a free checklist printable you can

I’m one of those people you call “planner junkies”. I just love planners. I have way too many of them and I change too often. Why? My planning style doesn’t remain the same all year. I think I just haven’t found my cup of tea yet and I’m still exploring my options. Do I want a daily planner or a weekly view? What kind of things do I need to write down? How much space do I need? Do I need a place to put in appointments? So. Many. Questions.

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