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Hey y’all! Today we’re talking PRODUCTIVITY. I mean with school/college restarting most of us feel quite a boost and a motivation to begin. However, that lasts for about a week, maybe two and then we procrastinators fall off the wagon and start losing speed. So today I’m going to tell you about something I’ve started to do in order to get a productivity boost that will last me the whole semester but hopefully my whole life! Now before I tell you what it is, I have to say I actually

  Are you wondering where to start in order to prepare for the new semester? There’s so many things to be done, I don’t blame you. Starting off organized is important because it sets you up for success. If your things aren’t in order, it’s much, much more difficult to actually get things done. So I’m helping you out here, making a list of things you need to to now (or ASAP) in order to have a smooth beginning to the semester. There’s also a free checklist printable you can

With 2016 coming up in only a few days (already? that’s crazy!) and the semester ending, I can’t stop thinking about what I did good this year and what I could’ve donne even better. I don’t believe in resolutions and never have. However, I think goals are manageable and achievable. Some of you might think “Isn’t it pretty much the same?” It could be but to me it isn’t. I see goals as being something you really want to achieve. They guide your thoughts and actions towards something attainable. Goals,

Exam time. It’s a synonym for stress and fatigue. No matter what your major is and what classes you have, this is a common feeling. If someone told me they’re not stressed during finals, I would say they’re lying! It’s inevitabel and I can’t say stress is always a bad thing. You begin your exams, you’ve got 4-5 to do in a week or 6 in a span of two weeks. You study, study, study. You sit at the library for long periods of time, you drink incredible amounts of

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